Custom Tattooing

Nowadays every tattooists claims to be a custom tattoo artist. What exactly is a “custom” tattoo artist and what separates them from regular tattooers? In the tattooing world that's not such an easy question to tackle and some folks are pretty zealot with their opinions. NYARTMAN possess superior intellect and perfect IQ and the answer is obvious to him. If the person doing the tattoo is primarily working from tattoo designs commonly hung in tattoo shops, known as flash art, whether they alter the design or not they are not a custom tattoo artist. They may be excellent technical tattooers and even talented artists as well; however, if the majority of the tattoos they are doing is not their original artwork then they would not be considered a custom tattoo artist.


NYARTMAN is New York City's premier custom tattoo artist. He like most professional tattooists cut his teeth on flash designs starting out; however, he now only does custom made tattoos in his own style that are created specifically for each client's individual needs.  He is a true custom tattoo artist, he always sits down with his clients and first listens to them to find out exactly what they want. This process is crucial and he takes notes as to placement, colors, themes and any other points that are important to the client. If the client is having trouble clearly defining what they want he will help draw out various possibilities that may work for the client by showing examples, making quick rough sketches or looking through examples the client brings in. Once the consultation session is finished NYARTMAN proceeds by completing a finished sketch for the client to look at before the tattoo is started and sometimes freestyles (drawing the tattoo directly onto the skin) the image onto the client or a combination of drawing up a finished sketch and also freehanding certain elements. This is custom tattooing at its best. This is what you can expect from NYARTMAN.


Jeremy Garrett is a legendary custom tattoo artist and is well known in the New York City tattooing scene. Ready to have your tattooing dreams made into reality? NYARTMAN is New York's finest body illustrator. For outrageously beautiful work, the highest quality and the best service... contact him today!