Cover Up Tattoos

If you have a old tattoo that isn't quite what you had in mind or now doesn't go with the stylistic direction that you are aiming for, well you're in luck.   NYARTMAN is a master of the cover up tattoo. Too often a bad tattoo can easily become an even worst looking tattoo by having it covered up or touched up by a tattooist who is not qualified to do the work. Don't be too quick to let just any tattoo artist attempt to cover up your old tattoo. A bad cover up job can be even more disappointing than the original tattoo and can end up costing you thousands of dollars in laser surgery with results that are not always consistent or favorable.

NYARTMAN offers unparalleled quality and service that you will not find from most other tattooists and at a competitive price. Unlike most tattooists, he also offers the latest in laser removal therapy using the Q-switched YAG laser system. This tool can lighten your tattoo and give you great results with your cover-up tattoo.  The Q-switched YAG laser system is the industry's best for tattoo removal/lightening and you can be treated by NYARTMAN at a fraction of the cost you would pay a Dermatologist.   Since he is the one who will be doing the actual coverup tattoo, he can determine exactly how much of the tattoo needs to be lightened and what specific areas need to be targeted; thereby, save you even more money.  A Dermatologist cannot make these distentions.  Schedule a consultation appointment today!  He will be happy to go over your piece, review your options discuss your budget and the best strategy to attack that old tattoo.  Be at ease, NYARTMAN is the slayer of regrets and he is here for you... that's what superheroes are all about.  Click here to see NYARTMAN's cover up tattoo gallery.