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In the art world the tattooing business is without a doubt the fastest growing industry around the globe.  Although tattooing has been practiced since time immemorial, it was the legalization of tattooing in 1997 in New York City that sparked the explosion of tattooing in every aspect of modern creative culture.  Why should you advertise with us?  NYARTMAN has been at the forefront of this renaissance like no other individual in NYC. has been a well established leader in the United States underground art movement for nearly two decades.  Having fantastic web presence and drawing visitors from dozens of countries is the affordable, smart choice to get your message recognized.  The world looks to New York City to see what's in vogue and New Yorkers look to NYARTMAN when it comes to tattooing.

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More than simply the home of Jeremy Garrett an influential tattoo artist who sets the standard in NYC custom tattooing, provides users with an extensive, reliable wealth of tattooing information. Audience Demographics:

64% male
36% female

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